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Leisure Travel

Having a great vacation begins with choosing Spirit of Travel. Our travel consultants are experts at fitting you with the right cruise, family vacation, package tour, destination wedding, honeymoon, golf tour, safari, family reunion, escorted senior travel or adventure package. Our knowledgeable travel consultants are destination experts and planning pros. Your vacation to the South Pacific (Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti); Europe (Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Mediterranean, Portugal, and Scandinavia); Caribbean or Central & South America or anywhere in this world you want to visit, is in good hands with the experts of the Spirit of Travel.

A successful cruise involves choosing the right ship, the perfect cabin and the most interesting itinerary while getting the best value. Our cruise experts can help you get the most out of your next cruise. Pick your personal expert from our Meet the Staff.

Corporate Travel Management

How do you combine travel expertise, low cost and no hassle travel bookings? Corporate clients of the Spirit of Travel know. Yes, we have all the bells and whistles that technology can offer, but we also have the people. In this world of “book it yourself”, we are old fashion in one important respect. At the Spirit of Travel you will work with an assigned seasoned travel consultant who understands you and your travel requirements. Your consultant is also an expert in complicated international itineraries, finding options that will save money and time and being available when you need them. Your time is valuable and you are an expert at what you do. Therefore, don’t spend time trying to book a last minute trip to Chicago or Singapore when that can be done by us more efficiently and at a lower cost. Use the time you save instead to benefit you and your company. We will take care of the details and allowing you to take care of business.